o   Our Games are styled after these popular televised Game Shows:

§  Jeopardy (Quiz Show)

     Inspired by a classic TV game show, this game offers a powerful way to energize your audience. Fully customizable, this program enables us to create games through gameboard templates using your instructional material. This fast-paced game can be enhanced by adding video, audio, or graphics to your questions. 


§  Wheel of Fortune (Spin Off)


     With this game, your audience will be off on an energizing adventure, starring your content. We can create a category (i.e. Safety) for each “spoke” of the wheel and fill the category with media-rich questions from your content. Have your audience spin the wheel and interact with the questions placed behind each category. Your audience is a spin away from an engaging exploration of your company. Give it a spin!


§  Family Feud (Show Down)

     Encourage collaboration and engage your audience with This Game. There couldn't be an easier or more effective way to present any subject with multiple components. Simply place a question, like, “Name the six hallmarks of great customer service,” on the top of the board and watch the energy in the room spike, as teams compete to give all six answers and win the round. We can add audio, video, or graphics, and create a memorable learning experience for the entire audience.


§  Who wants to be a Millionaire (Billionaire)


     If you're looking for an easy way to do a quick review or assessment This Game  is the game for you. We can add anywhere from 1 - 15 questions and you're ready to go. The Game can be played in single player mode (allowing the audience to shout answers)  or in teams for an exciting race to the top! You'll love the professional graphics and sound effects that make the game come to life - your audience will love the way they can interact with your material!